Nazharia Schifra Lomboan

crossfit coach


Pursuing a career in becoming a professional coach, Nazharia took her first steps into the fitness industry as an Apprentice Coach at Perpetua Crossfit, London. Following those six months, she worked as a full-time coach at Bengkel Crossfit, Jakarta. She has a degree in (BSc) International Business and Management, which have generated her interest in gaining international experience worldwide through this industry.

Nazharia is passionate in both weightlifting and Crossfit as she continuously comes across various challenges and endless opportunities to test her own fitness to another level. Having played competitive sports for as long as she can remember, she is now a competitive Crossfit athlete, who has competed internationally (as a team member and as an individual athlete) in various competitions such as, Strength In Depth UK (2015) and Asia Championships (2016). 

Immersing herself in the health and fitness industry, Nazharia aspires to constantly learn, and educate the community, towards living a healthy lifestyle for happiness and longevity.