Body transformation

Six-week body transformation

One day at the end of March, Jun walked into CrossFit Tanjong Pagar with the objective of transforming his body in just six weeks. By the end of May he had lost over 5% body fat with the help of his personal trainer Dylan Goddard and now feels so much better. Dylan tells us how they achieved those impressive weight loss results together.

What goals did Jun approach you with in the start?

When Jun first stepped into the gym he was quite certain of the goals he wanted to achieve with his personal training and nutrition program. His main focus was to drop a fair amount of body fat in six weeks and to get as strong as possible in the time that we had.

It made it a lot easier that he had clear set goals and was determined to smash them!

As a result what kind of training program did you put him on?

We rectified his diet and I had him doing a basic strength personal training program with a small amount of high interval intensity training at the end of his sessions to really shake up his metabolism.

We saw amazing results with this combination of training!

Mar 27 2017  Body Fat 19.11 %, Weight 66.5kg

Mar 27 2017

Body Fat 19.11 %, Weight 66.5kg

May 12 2017  Body Fat 14.37% Weight 61.2kg

May 12 2017

Body Fat 14.37% Weight 61.2kg

How will you continue to help him meet those goals - and sustain them?

After our initial six weeks, Jun decided to take a training holiday in Thailand for two weeks where he is continuing to work out twice a day, still combining strength and conditioning work. We had an in-depth discussion about the type of training he should be doing and the food he should be eating before his holiday, and he will then continue at Crossfit Tanjong Pagar to resume his personal training on return to Singapore.

What has it been like for you both to work together?

I’ve now been in the fitness industry for roughly 12 years and this is one of my major success body transformation stories in terms of achieving such amazing, tangible results with a client in such a short time, everything just “clicked” so well with Jun. Every time he walked into gym he was ready to work extra hard and never backed down from any challenges that I threw at him.

He’s probably tried or purchased every item of merchandise from the front desk. Every time he left the gym it was like he needed to take a part of the gym home with him!

What does it take to transform your body like this?

  1. You need to have a clear set of goals that you want to achieve

  2. You need to make sacrifices and be willing to change your lifestyle. It’s simple to set your weight loss goals, but requires hard work to achieve them!

  3. You need to work on both your personal training and your nutrition program together. You need to eat well to energise and nourish your body and help it repair itself from the training - and the training also burns the fat and gets you into shape.


Over to you Jun - how do you feel about the results?

Firstly, thanks a million to Dylan and everyone else at CrossFit Tanjong Pagar for these past six weeks! I am superbly grateful to them all for what I achieved in this short time.

Especially, during the final testing I would not have made it for sure without Dylan’s Godly Motivational Shout and Pushing! It’s that superb feeling that the guys are on my back that makes me keep moving forward! And that feeling is superbly good!

Thanks to Adam too for the additional motivational shout! And not forgetting the team with everyone else on my back! Jordan the Crown, Naz the Champ, and Mel the Sexiest!

During that time I am also glad Dylan recommended I consume three full meals a day so I am forced to eat healthy food everyday. And I haven’t looked back since starting that, it has really made me feel better and cleaner and with more energy daily.

I now realise just how much food I used to overeat .. and those foods that I previously ate which  are super unhealthy and I thought that were really healthy lol!!

And also not to forget about the legendary “Wendy the Angel” for guiding me about what I should eat and avoid and etc..

And with your Demonic Hell Training, and Wisdom. It’s like * M A G I C !!! * The Results just appear in no time!

All of these small little things when added up helped me so much!

Lastly to sum it up, I am really enjoying myself and really grateful that I have the opportunity to meet all of you and will definitely maintain and work harder from now onwards! Now I just need to get some tanning as I am too white… LOL!

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