Six-week body transformation

One day at the end of March, Jun walked into with the objective of transforming his body in just six weeks. By the end of May he had lost over 5% body fat with the help of his personal trainer Dylan Goddard and now feels so much better. Dylan tells us how they achieved those impressive weight loss results together.

What goals did Jun approach you with in the start?

When Jun first stepped into the gym he was quite certain of the goals he wanted to achieve with his personal training and nutrition program. His main focus was to drop a fair amount of body fat in six weeks and to get as strong as possible in the time that we had.

It made it a lot easier that he had clear set goals and was determined to smash them!

As a result what kind of training program did you put him on?

We rectified his diet and I had him doing a basic strength personal training program with a small amount of high interval intensity training at the end of his sessions to really shake up his metabolism.

We saw amazing results with this combination of training!

How will you continue to help him meet those goals - and sustain them?

After our initial six weeks, Jun decided to take a training holiday in Thailand for two weeks where he is continuing to work out twice a day, still combining strength and conditioning work. We had an in-depth discussion about the type of training he should be doing and the food he should be eating before his holiday, and he will then continue at Crossfit Tanjong Pagar to resume his personal training on return to Singapore.

What has it been like for you both to work together?

I’ve now been in the fitness industry for roughly 12 years and this is one of my major success body transformation stories in terms of achieving such amazing, tangible results with a client in such a short time, everything just “clicked” so well with Jun. Every time he walked into gym he was ready to work extra hard and never backed down from any challenges that I threw at him.

He’s probably tried or purchased every item of merchandise from the front desk. Every time he left the gym it was like he needed to take a part of the gym home with him!

What does it take to transform your body like this?

  1. You need to have a clear set of goals that you want to achieve

  2. You need to make sacrifices and be willing to change your lifestyle. It’s simple to set your weight loss goals, but requires hard work to achieve them!

  3. You need to work on both your personal training and your nutrition program together. You need to eat well to energise and nourish your body and help it repair itself from the training - and the training also burns the fat and gets you into shape.

Over to you Jun - how do you feel about the results?

Firstly, thanks a million to Dylan and everyone else at CrossFit Tanjong Pagar for these past six weeks! I am superbly grateful to them all for what I achieved in this short time.

Especially, during the final testing I would not have made it for sure without Dylan’s Godly Motivational Shout and Pushing! It’s that superb feeling that the guys are on my back that makes me keep moving forward! And that feeling is superbly good!

Thanks to Adam too for the additional motivational shout! And not forgetting the team with everyone else on my back! Jordan the Crown, Naz the Champ, and Mel the Sexiest!

During that time I am also glad Dylan recommended I consume three full meals a day so I am forced to eat healthy food everyday. And I haven’t looked back since starting that, it has really made me feel better and cleaner and with more energy daily.

I now realise just how much food I used to overeat .. and those foods that I previously ate which  are super unhealthy and I thought that were really healthy lol!!

And also not to forget about the legendary “ the Angel” for guiding me about what I should eat and avoid and etc..

And with your Demonic Hell Training, and Wisdom. It’s like * M A G I C !!! * The Results just appear in no time!

All of these small little things when added up helped me so much!

Lastly to sum it up, I am really enjoying myself and really grateful that I have the opportunity to meet all of you and will definitely maintain and work harder from now onwards! Now I just need to get some tanning as I am too white… LOL!

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Becoming "Singapore's Fittest Man" at the CrossFit Opens

shares his journey to being awarded "Fittest Male in Singapore", at the CrossFit Games Open 2017 - and his advice for getting into the fittest shape ever.



I have been doing CrossFit training full time for just over two years. I started my CrossFit journey at CrossFit Ivy in Feltham (London). Since then I have worked and trained at CrossFit Bold, CrossFit Perpetua (both also in London) and Bengkel CrossFit (Jakarta). 


I have been a sporty kid for as long as I can remember. But my two main sports before CrossFit were rugby and weightlifting. I played rugby all though school and loved it, until an injury to my shoulder put a stop to that. I then found weightlifting at university. I competed at a relatively high level, such as English and British championships and British University championships. 


My introduction to CrossFit started though coaching weightlifting at CrossFit Ivy. While coaching at the gym I made some great friends with a group of at the time CrossFitters who trained during the day at the gym. They loved lifting heavy weights and training hard. So I started to train with them. And slowly but surely they persuaded me to start doing come Metcons, to cut a long story short I was hooked pretty fast. The huge variation of skills that you need to master to be a good Crossfitter just has you always wanting more. I think the fact it was the polar opposite of my previous sport (mastering 2 movements) made it all the more attractive. 


The nature of my job as a personal trainer at UFIT Orchard means the majority of my work is early mornings and late evenings. This means I tend to have the middle of the day free. I use this time to train. 

One of my favourite parts of CrossFit is getting together with our friends, writing up a workout and having fun with it. So that's what I try to do most days. That's one session of the day, then the other session is more devoted to strength and base building.




As for getting into the best shape ever. That comes down to sticking to your goals. Sounds simple, but don't get too distracted by getting that muscle up or a new snatch PB if your goal is losing 5% body fat!


CrossFit Tanjong Pagar coach Nazharia Schifra Lomboan was awarded "Fittest Female In Singapore" at the CrossFit Games Open in 2017. Here she shares her fitness journey and how she keeps it together when it all seems out of reach. 


I started in July 2015, doing a few WODs here and there, slowly transitioning from weightlifting to CrossFit at CrossFit Ivy, a small box back in England near where I used to study. But then I fully trained in CrossFit and said goodbye to weightlifting when I became an apprentice coach at Perpetua Sept 2015 and joined their comp squad.


I was always athletic and competitive ever since I was little. I grew up with an older brother so I liked what he liked. PE/sports was my favourite class since I started school. And I've always been competitive in any sport we were taught - track, swimming, footy, basketball, etc. Throughout those years I picked up basketball and focused on that. On top of staying after school hours to play basketball, my dad got me into martial arts because he held a few national titles back in his days in this Indo martial arts (Pencak Silat) and thought I had potential to I picked up Taekwondo. I didn't go far in that sport but won a few mini fights as a kid.

With my addiction to sports throughout my school life (basketball, track meets and football), during my last year of school I was called into the principal’s office because it was affecting my grades (lol). At uni I wanted to go in a different direction and got into the university women's football team and played for about 1.5 years and then found CF/Weightlifting when I prepped for a bikini show.

I fell in love with weightlifting through the fundamentals class of CrossFit Ivy. I competed in local weightlifting meets, English championships and University Champs U58. I didn’t get placings, but got experience. And now I’m a competitive CrossFit athlete!

Photo credit: Christopher Wadsworth


I learned more about strength and conditioning at uni to help me with football. So I was introduced to basic weights. Then I came across bodybuilding which was just purely going to the gym and lifting but during my prep I start to miss the feeling of "training for a match/competition" so I came across CrossFit cos it was kinda a mix of weights and being competitive. Despite a lot of people saying bodybuilding is a sport I still didn't really see it. Not anyone specific influenced me ... I think it was just my inner self trying to find something challenging.


Every morning after I wake up, I check my program for the day. So it's becoming a habit to check immediately before having breakfast. I never come in the gym with an empty stomach even if it's 5:45am in the morning so breakfast is priority.

Training depends on clients/classes during the day but I will normally have an AM (before 12pm) and PM session (after 2pm). Visualisation is something I do almost every day (definitely a non-negotiable). This includes my normal training session of future competitions and where I'd like to be. So I try visualise them even if it's just 5 minutes of the day - this could be just me during my warm up on the bike or just any spare few minutes of alone time I have! Nutrition is a priority so I plan that around work and training (shout out to PR meals and Erin for keeping me accountable). Night time supps are non negotiable. Planning my outfits the night before is non negotiable 100%. Very important.


Two pieces of advice I have recently kept in my head: "never give up" and "believe" - sorry but these two have really pushed me to where I'm at today. Boring & lame words. The first one stuck to me when I started training with Dyl at TP. I remember him always saying it whenever we worked out and I always finish after him as I struggle in some movement.

Jordy says it all the time too so it's always in my head. So whenever I face some obstacle in a workout I keep telling myself to never give up. My mind switches off & the only thing I have to do is finish, nothing else matters, because I've given it everything I got - That's it!

The second one was a word in Indo my good friend Deni (Olympian weightlifter) used to say to me before I rack the bar to do my heavy squats. This was during my injury period where all I could do was … squats. Ever since then it's a word I tell myself before every 'big' lift or  comp. 'Believe' is the perfect word that reminds me to always trust my abilities, give my 100% no matter the day/time/situation, because the only one I need to prove is myself :)


"MY Advice to GET TO THE TOP? JUST START. And keep showing up. Focus on yourself and not anyone else."


Now read on about 's journey to becoming "", at the CrossFit Games Open 2017.


A little crowd began to gather around Daniel as the clock counted down to the final few seconds of the workout. The air was thick with anticipation; as the crowd clamored and cheered him on, the 34-year old CrossFit beginner remained composed and zoned into his coach John Cheah's cue to stay on pace. 


"I've always been a very competitive person," the former professional sailor confessed. 

In his six years of professional yacht racing, Daniel Thompson crossed the Atlantic from east to west four times, west to east twice, and won numerous races in the Carribean and Mediterranean sea. But at the age of 26, he gave up the dream career after losing his father to a race-related freak accident.

With seconds left on the clock and five burpee box jump overs remaining, Cheah's reassuring confidence contrasted the panic that surrounded the duo. Daniel dropped into a burpee on cue, fighting back the urge to throw in the towel in the face of ever increasing agony. When he took a final step over the box for a triumphant finish, the lovable Irish exclaimed, "I love and hate you guys for making me do this," - to which, the coaches responded in equal measure of affection. 

“Like a lot of people I now drive a desk for a living and I’m not as active as I used to be, but like everyone I’m not getting any younger - the time to make a difference and improve my quality of life is now,”
— Daniel, on what he's currently training for

A recent throwback photo of Daniel and his dad.


Daniel's journey into fitness did not begin with CrossFit. 

After losing his father in a race across the Atlantic, Daniel decided on a career switch into recruitment consultancy. Daniel's desk-bound duties and a lack of focus on fitness meant he lost a majority of his mobility and gained a significant amount of weight.

At 24 stones, or 152kg, Daniel picked up running to shed some weight after being told he wasn't able to undergo a minor wisdom tooth extraction due to his BMI. 

"It was the first real wake up call that I had regarding my fitness," he recounts. 

Since then, the former competitive sailor made attempts to live a healthy lifestyle through running and other individual fitness activities but was intimidated to step into a gym. 

For the first 5 months of living here, I would walk by the gym (CrossFit Tanjong Pagar) every morning and get a glimpse of what you guys were doing. I never thought I would be fit enough to be a part of this.
— - Daniel, on his preconceptions before stepping in

When his girlfriend Lucy experienced a trial class and encouraged him to sign up, it was the final nudge he needed to take the plunge. Daniel walked into his first class at CrossFit Tanjong Pagar for a group fundamentals in October 2016.

I left feeling challenged; someone once told me that everyone has to start somewhere, and the fact that the focus at the fundamentals was solely on technique and not fitness levels, really encouraged me.
— - Daniel, on his start on CrossFit through fundamentals


Not long after the fundamentals, Daniel enquired about personal training with our resident Olympic Weightlifting specialist, John Cheah and have been consistently attending both classes and personal training since. 

"I wanted to lose body fat, replace it with muscle and improve my general level of fitness so my competitive nature was satisfied that I wouldn’t be miles behind everyone else.  I was also nervous about the back issues I had faced for more than half of my life - getting the movements right were critical to my everyday quality of life.  Now everything BUT my back hurts, but in a really good way - I’m happy with this!" the cheeky 34-year old recounts.

"My favourite thing about training with John is his reaction to improvements I’ve made! Whether it’s form on a particular movement, or lifting something heavier or simply coping with high intensity better; John’s reaction let’s me know it’s been a good day.

John’s ability to transform words into action and muscle memory is superb, although it's often accompanied by an anecdote or amusing quip, typically when you least expect it." 

The bond between the two are apparent, as coach John reciprocates the affection recounting his favourite moments with Daniel. 

"I love training Daniel because he came in with a strong mindset," John professes. "I could tell him to do something and despite hating it, he would attack it with every fiber of his being. All of his success is his own, and I'm just happy to be able to have a hand in shaping it,"

After being enveloped by congratulatory fist bumps and high fives, Daniel is helped to his feet by an equally satisfied coach before he calls it a good day and prepares himself for another day at the office.

Standing over 6ft, Daniel has lost over 30kgs since the start of his fitness journey and we are honored to engineer a part of his wellness daily, and the opportunity to share his story here.

We asked Daniel: "If there was a piece of advice you would give to someone about training, what would it be?"

Just do it, but make sure you surround yourself with likeminded people who are all goal orientated and simply want to see each and everyone achieve their goals - I’m yet to experience the same camaraderie from any other organisation geared towards fitness.  I would strongly advise PT because that one person shares in your successes, but also your failures - having someone in your corner is monumentally important.  John has been my 'go-to' over the last 5 months and, whether he likes it or not, he’ll continue to be even after my PT sessions have drawn to a close.




Getting ready for the CrossFit Opens 2017

Whether you’re new to the community, a few months to a year into CrossFit, or a competitive athlete, we are all aware that the best time of the year is coming up. With the CrossFit Open 2017 just around the corner, the excitement and pressure within boxes worldwide are gradually rising. Some of us are just clueless of what to expect, some are grinding through training sessions day in and day out; and to some, they might just want to experience what the Open is actually like.


Training for the Open depends on the different goals of individuals. From missing out on the season last year, my objective for the Open this year is to finally see where I can place amongst the top individual women in Asia and the world. It has made me hungrier to put my mental game and fitness capability into test and also, grind to earn a spot at CFTP’s Regionals team.

My training consists of three main things: maximising my power output, engine development, and gradually increasing the volume and efficiency of my gymnastics. Recovering from my recent shoulder injury, my sessions also incorporate scapular and rotator cuff maintenance along with functional bodybuilding to consistently build and perpetuate a bulletproof foundational base.

Despite the many elements of my training, one of the main priorities for every Open season is to have a great engine, which can be improved through conditioning. These sessions vary day to day, however, I utilise a lot of short repeatable sets to recognise my pacing in workouts and thus, understand more on how I can further improve.

If you’re not a competitive CrossFitter, but have done the Open before and are looking to improve for the upcoming season, you should look into your weaknesses and how you can make them your strengths. Once you are aware, reach out to the coaches at your box for help. Focus on these weaknesses to become better at them! In addition, also keep your conditioning sessions in your training to maintain the engine.

If you’re completely new to CrossFit, and eager to see what the Open is all about: just KEEP SHOWING UP! Know more about CrossFit and the Open by coming to a CrossFit class, asking someone about his/her experience, or even just read about it online. At the end of the day, the Open is all about the amazing environment you will be in and that you are having fun, no matter if you’re a competitive athlete or a newbie.

Nutrition and recovery

A successful and productive training program cannot be done without proper nutrition and recovery. My nutrition is solely based on meeting my calorie intake and macronutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats) daily. Tracking my macros has helped me a lot as it shows how much food to consume for my body to perform the best it can. I am gradually increasing my carbohydrate intake to ensure full energy levels throughout this season. On top of my macros, meal timing is critical for optimal fuel and recovery. Additionally, I supplement with whey protein, BCAAs, Omegas, glucosamine, and multivitamins.

If you’re a competitive CrossFitter or aspiring to be one, you should prioritise and focus on how your nutrition affects your performance. Monitor your energy levels throughout the day, check whether you are recovering from your sessions, and consume more food and calories if you are increasing your training. As we get closer to the Open, there are some individuals who develop stress and anxiety which may lead to a loss of appetite and not have their nutrition in check. Always ensure that this is avoided by prioritising your nutrition and recovery along with your training.

Nutrition for newcomers and beginners should be simple yet effective. Same like the above, you should be eating enough so that you have the energy to train and the ability to recover. Have a balanced meal with the right choices of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. And always remember to listen to your body! On top of all the nutrition for different individuals, it is critical to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day to help with recovery.

Mental game

For the newcomers of the CrossFit community, the Open is all about having fun and getting an idea of what the community is all about. Be open-minded and approach the weeks of the Open with enthusiasm and positivity. Don’t be too caught up with a perceived bad score and being sucked into multiple re-dos. Learn from the experience and focus on the following week.

Working on getting your mental game stronger is not the easiest thing to do. From the past experiences I’ve had, anything can be affected by your mentality. “Whatever is going on inside your head has everything to do in how well you end up performing” (D.C. Gonzalez, The Art of Mental Training). As the Open is a big part to a lot of us who are competitive in this sport, our attitude and mentality this season should always be positive. From aspiring athletes to the competitive, learn to visualise what you want to achieve. With a positive attitude, we have the ability to give 100% and develop self-belief that no matter what the outcome is, you are already in the position of victory.

Our attitude now, throughout training, at the Open, and towards the outcome of the Open differentiates the good and the great. You are the only one who can control and decide how to turn things around in your head.

Throughout this season, no matter what your goals are, no matter how rough training sessions can be, one thing to always remember is: enjoy every minute of it. Keep showing up, surround yourself with positive people and just have fun!